Disposing Of Unwanted Medicines

Could you have expired medications or drugs in your cabinet that are longer of use? Do you know how you can dispose of them? Some of the medications have harmful effects when taken by someone who it not prescribed to use them. Some medicines are flushed to the sink when they expire, or they are not needed any more. Different medications have specific instructions on their disposal.

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Here are some of the guidelines which have been developed for encouraging proper disposal of drugs. These guidelines help in reducing the potential dangers and risks associated with accidental exposure or misuse of drugs. They include the following:

  • Following the specified disposal guidelines or instructions as indicated on the labels. You should avoid flushing the drugs down into the toilets or sink unless you are instructed to do so in by the instructions provided.
  • By taking advantage of the programs developed which allow the public to dispose of their unused drugs in a central location. This facilitates proper disposal of the unwanted medicines. One can also contact the recycle agents to learn more about the various disposal guidelines and options for your area.

You can also transfer the unused drugs toegegigufyufgijk collectors. These collectors are registered by the relevant bodies or authorities. Other authorized sites include hospitals, retail stores, and clinic pharmacies. The collectors will provide you with collection receptacles for putting the unused medicines.


There are some drugs which do not have the disposal guidelines or instructions. In such a scenario where instructions are not available, and there are no disposal programs in your area, you are advised to throw the unused drugs in your household trash by following the following steps:

  • Make sure that the drugs are removed from their original containers and then mixed with other types of undesirable waste such as dirt. This makes such drugs less appealing thus discouraging pets and children who might take them.
  • Placing the obtained mixture in a bag or a container and then sealing it completely. This helps in preventing any leakage from the garbage bag.

Environmental concerns

There are some bodies or people who will question about the practice of disposing certain medicines, especially through the flushing method. Some of the drug residues might end up in the surface water like in lakes, rivers, and the community drinking water supply. Drug residues can also reach the water sources from your body. Most of the drugs are not metabolized or absorbed completely by the body, and they might get into the water sources through the waste water treatment units,