A Guide To Buying The Best Stroller For You And Your Baby


When buying a stroller for your baby, you will be faced with a myriad of options and choices. Not only within and between various brands, but also between the actual models and types of baby strollers. To make the best choice, you will have to take some time and patiently go through the pros and cons of every major type.

Needs and requirements

22hdleipuThe best way of starting your search would be to determine your needs and requirements. Some people tend to use their strollers as much as they can because they mostly walk, instead of driving their cars most of the time. Some people prefer to use strollers for exercise, while they carry their babies. Also, some people need specific designs that allow them to accommodate two or more babies comfortably.

Running or jogging strollers

If you want to burn fat and shed some pounds while traveling with your little ones, go with tandem running strollers that are value for money. These strollers are distinguished by their triangular wheelbase, which features one wheel at the front and two in the back. When purchasing a stroller such as this, don’t forget to check whether it features a wrist strap on the handlebar. This is an important safety feature, which will prevent the stroller from running away from you, in case you slip on a downward slope.

Umbrella strollers

If you are looking to buy baby strollers that you can easily transport in your car, or on trains or planes, go with an umbrella stroller. These are very convenient and lightweight. Also, they are very compact and can be easily folded, usually with a single one-handed motion. Keep in mind, however, that these strollers are not suitable for rough terrains. You will have a hard time pushing and maneuvering it, and your baby will probably get uncomfortable.

All-terrain models

For rough and flat surfaces alike, your best option would be all-terrain strollers. These models feature large pneumatic tires and highly robust frames, which will allow you to control them much more easily and provide your baby with maximum comfort when going over rough terrains.

Before you buy one, make sure you possess a handy pump for the tires and check if the stroller has a swivel front wheel. The most notable disadvantage of these strollers is their weight and the fact that you will have a hard time transporting one in your car or via planes or trains.

Convertible and bike strollers

33,help4If you are looking for something a bit more unusual, you can opt for convertible or bike strollers. Convertible ones are ideal for newborns. They can be easily converted from a flat position to a sit-up position, in mere seconds. If your toddler tends to have frequent naps, a convertible stroller would be a great option. Bike strollers are also a type of convertible strollers, as they can be converted from a standard stroller into a bike one by attaching it to the rear wheel of your bicycle. To ensure maximum safety, these models come with at least a 5-point harness.

Twin and triple strollers

If you have two or more babies, your choice will be pretty much limited to twin, triple or larger strollers. These models can be side-by-side or tandem. Some of the models feature even more complex arrangements. Obviously, they are very bulky and heavy and are much trickier to fold.