What you need to enhance vaginal health and hygiene

A healthy vagina forms the basis of stellar sexual health. Practicing healthy habits and awareness will help you avoid itches and rashes in these areas. As such, it is crucial for women to pay attention when it comes to keeping their vagina healthy at all times. Unhealthy practices are responsible for vaginal infections. Thus, the following healthy habits can help you take care of the vagina and avoid those niggling diseases once and for all.

Wipe from front to back

How one wipes after a bowel movement aWaSSAmatters a lot when it comes to maintaining the health if the vagina. As much as it might appear to be a minor thing, you need to do it properly. It is advisable to wipe from front to back to avoid carrying infections from the anus to the vagina. Improper wiping practices can trigger a condition known as vaginosis, which is characterized by itching, discharge, and a fishy smell.

Maintain good mistral hygiene

Most women use high absorbency pads during their menstrual cycle. The effectiveness of this pads makes women overlook the essence of changing them regularly. This often leads to bacterial overgrowth, rashes, and general discomfort around these intimate areas. It is advisable to change them at least four to five times a day to avoid any complications.

Practice safe sex

Unsafe sexual practices often put your vaginal health at risk. As such, it is advisable to use physical barriers like condoms and diaphragms to protect you from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Another safe sex practice is to make an effort of urinating after intercourse. Urinating reduces the chances of infecting your urethra and bladder. It is also advisable to washes these areas after sex to stay safe from STIs.

Use natural vaginal whitening products

Anal and vaginal bleaching practices are a norm in most modern societies. Vaginal whitening is often done to makes your intimate areas attractive. Unfortunately, some products might pose a real threat to the integrity of your vagina especially those with harmful ingredients. In this regard, it is advisable to embrace natural vaginal whitening products to avoid hurting those sensitive parts around your vagina.


Another way to keep your vagina healthy is to visit your gynecologist often. Make an effort of contacting a gynecologist anytime you suspect or feel anything suspicious around these areas. Go for regular screening to have any changes around your vagina monitored. Routine testing and treatment gives you the opportunity to address minor infections before they become serious.