Help your elderly and yourself with an emergency call dialer


If you live with older people in your home, who are more often than not, left alone in it because you have to spend time at your work, you probably know how difficult it can sometimes be to ensure their safety. Professional home care services can be quite expensive, and they can easily overwhelm your budget. To deal with this issue, without tearing a hole in your wallet, the best possible option would be to give your elderly medical alert dialers. With a simple push of an emergency button, a hausnotruf will be made to various numbers that the auto-dialer or the base unit already contain. A large number of these devices also possess speakerphone capabilities, that can function as a 2-way communication system between the user on one side, and the recipient of the emergency call one the other. Thanks to this function, a situation assessment and evaluation can be made very quickly and with efficiency.

A much better option than the telephone

nddhdhdjAdditionally, a gadget such as this can be used to replace the existing phone, as a single stand-alone unit. They can also function by incorporating them into the phone lines and the telephone itself. This way, you will not have to pay monthly service fees, which are usually required for medical alert systems, provided by a large number of healthcare companies. Having an emergency call alert system in your home will give your elderly and you a peace of mind, which is something that regular phones are simply incapable of doing.

The problems of the elderly

As people age and get older, they become increasing more susceptible to falls, as well as other kinds of accidents, usually inside the comfort of their homes. In most cases, these incidents occur while they are left alone in their homes, with no one present to help them out. Depending on the injuries, they might struggle to reach the phone and call for help. However, due to their age, these falls are mostly quite dangerous, and these people usually have serious difficulties even getting up, let alone reaching a distant phone. By trying to get up to reach the phone, they risk even greater injuries.

Simple and easy to operate

With the help of alert dialers, these people can still send out house emergency calls, by pressing the alert button on their medical alert devices, even while lying injured on the floor. By pressing the alert button, the base station will be activated, and the auto-dialer will start sending out emergency calls, by using pre-recorded messages, to the listed numbers.

Recent advancements

33nfhfhfhIn not so distant past, people with disabilities and elderly were commonly using medical alert pendants and tags, which contained their vital medical information. These tags included basic information on various allergies and diseases and any special requirements the users might have had. Nowadays, thanks to the numerous technological advancements, this process has become far more active, with the use of USB drives and wireless systems.

Modern alert systems are not only capable of carrying vital medical information in both electronic or written forms, but can also make automated wireless calls to medical monitoring centers, in the case of an emergency. The latest systems are also equipped with GPS capabilities, with which users can be quickly and easily located, even while outside of their homes.