When To Take Pregnancy Tests

Many women especially the first time mothers have always wondered when the correct time to take the pregnancy tests is. A pregnancy test is necessary since a pregnant mother needs care at the earliest stage all through to the full term of the pregnancy. Some of the crucial nutrients that both the mother and baby need like calcium, iron, folic acid, and mineral salts should be administered immediately the mother are pregnant or when the mother is attempting to get pregnant. A pregnancy test is necessary as it confirms whether a mother is pregnant or not. Elizabeth Crawford is devoted to helping mothers by providing them with the right pregnancy testing products. You can read more about her by clicking onĀ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgN-1cV_mbYboN4Td2FHWIg.

Principle behind the pregnancy test


The pregnancy test works by testing the presence of a hormone referred to as the human chorionic gonadotropin in either the blood or urine sample. The HCG hormone is usually produced in the body immediately the egg is fertilized and gets attached to the wall of the womb. This usually takes place approximately six days after the egg is fertilized. The levels of the hormone usually rise rapidly with time.

Urine test

The urine test can either be done in the clinic or at home. Many women usually have the urine test at home after they have missed their periods. The pregnancy tests that are done at home are not only convenient but private as well.
The products for testing whether one is pregnant usually come with some instructions. When performing a home test ensure that you follow the instruction to the letter to get the correct results. You can then confirm with the doctor who might perform the blood test which is more accurate.

Blood test

The pregnancy blood test is usually performed in a medical facility with a laboratory. The blood test can detect the pregnancy way before the urine pregnancy tests. The pregnancy blood test, however, takes a longer time than the pregnancy urine test and is also more costly. There are two types of the blood test

Qualitative HCG test

This type of test checks the presence of the HCG hormone in the blood. The health practitioners usually ask for this test as early as five days after the missed periods.

Quantitative HCG test

This type of test determines the exact level of the HCG hormone in the blood. It can also detect the low levels of the HCG. Since it measures the exact levels of the HCG hormone, it can be used to track any issues during the pregnancy.